Permits & Fees

Building Permit

Building permit fees are calculated based on the value and square footage of a project. Charges that can be expected on new residential or commercial construction include:

  • 12% State Surcharge
  • Building Permit Fee
  • Fire and Life Safety Review (commercial criteria)
  • Plan Review Fee
  • Sidewalk / Driveway Approach Permit
  • Water Meter Installation Fee
  • Other miscellaneous fees as applicable

For permit assistance please contact the Building Department front desk at (541) 826-4212 ext. 100. For inspections, call the automated inspection line at (541) 826-4212 ext. 490.



System Development Charges

System development charges (SDCs) are due and payable at the time a building permit is issued for a new residential or commercial impact on the overall system. SDCs are increased periodically by city ordinance, always verify current SDCs with the Building Department. To view current SDC methodology report dated June 2018 click here. Typical single-family detached residential SDCs are as follows:

Prices effective September 1, 2022

Single-Family Detached Residential
System Development Charges Fees
Eagle Point Parks
Eagle Point Stormwater
Eagle Point Transportation
Eagle Point Water
Medford Water Commission$2,053.51

Other Properties

SDCs for multi-family, commercial, industrial, church, and educational buildings are calculated based on variables specific to each project. Please contact the Building Department for project-specific SDC estimates or download a brochure. Please visit permits for additional permits necessary for building.

Residential & Commercial Mechanical Permit

Residential mechanical permit fees are based on fixtures, and the fees can be found on the Mechanical Permit Application. Commercial mechanical permit fees are based on the value of the work. For estimates, contact the Building Department.

Plumbing & Electrical Permits

Plumbing permit fees are based on fixtures and work being done. Fees can be found on the Plumbing Permit Application. Plumbing permits have a minimum permit fee of $70 (plus the state surcharge). Electrical permit fees are based on work being done. Fees can be found on the Electrical Permit Application.

Additional Permits

For additions, remodels, signs, fences, accessory buildings, and other miscellaneous permits contact the Building Department for permit estimates. These permits and plan review fees are based on the type and value of the work being done and any additional square footage. For sewer permit fees and SDCs please contact Rogue Valley Sewer Services (541) 664-6300.