About the City Administrator

City Administrator

Aaron Prunty is Eagle Point’s City Administrator. 

The City Administrator directs, manages, and supervises the administration of city government, following policies established by the City Council. He makes recommendations to the Council, and keeps them up to date on the City's business and financial condition. He is responsible for the operation of all city services, personnel, equipment, and resources. The City Administrator is responsible for hiring and managing all employees, including department directors, to carry out Council-directed goals.

By City Charter, the City of Eagle Point operates under the Council/Administrator form of local government. This means that the City Council sets policy and hires a City Administrator to oversee the implementation of the policies that have been set. The City Council consists of six citizen-elected Councilors, as well as one citizen-elected Mayor, who serves as the head of the legislative branch. In the private sector, the Council could be referred to as the "Board of Directors". The Mayor is similar to the "Chairman of the Board". The Council is responsible for hiring the City Administrator, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer, or head of the executive branch of the local government.

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