Discovery Ed

discovery edDiscovery Ed seeks to provide youth development programs to the communities of the Upper Rogue so that we may support the growth of students to becoming contributors. These programs engage in educational and character development and are accessible to families who come from various socioeconomic backgrounds.
We believe that the best way to improve our communities is by providing our youth with opportunities that focus on their personal growth. In order to achieve this, we must educateinspire and empower in order for them to discover and reach their full potential. By choosing to focus on the Upper Rogue, we are choosing to support communities that have often been underfunded, under resourced, and underrepresented.
The programs offered by Discovery Ed are holistic based and identify the needs of each individual child in order to create a path that is best suited for their success. All youth within our programs are introduced to various resources and mentors that will ultimately give them an experience that has since been unavailable in the Upper Rogue.

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Afterschool and Summer Program 

Preschool Program