Public Works Utility, Pipeline Installation Permit

This permit is issued only for uses within Eagle Point City right-of-ways.

Terms  & Conditions:

  1. Traffic control per MUTCD.
  2. All work performed under this permit shall comply with the City's "standard detail" specifications, or a previously approved plan or design. 
  3. Permitee shall hold the City of Eagle Point harmless and blameless for any damages that may be caused by the installation or maintenance of the above permitted work.
  4. Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the terms and conditions of this permit may have the permit revoked and may be cited for violation of the appropriate City ordinance. 
  5. Street cut fee required for newly surfaced or resurfaced streets upon approval from the City of Eagle Point's Public Works Director/City Engineer. Ordinance #11-78

Public Works Utility, Pipeline Installation Permit

  1. Inspection Request Line

    Phone: 541-826-4212 ext. 490

    All inspections must be called in by 5:00 pm to be scheduled for the next business day.