East Main Street/Stevens Road Improvements 

East Main Street/Stevens Road Updates: Click here for the latest updates

Stevens Road Update 9/5/19

Stevens Road Update 8/29/19

Stevens Road Update 8/14/19

Stevens Road Update 8/7/19

Stevens Road Update 7/29/19

Stevens Road Update 7/22/19

Stevens Road Update 7/1/19

East Main Street/Stevens Road Improvements

The construction project to improve East Main Street and Stevens Road is ready to begin.  The Oregon Department of Transportation grant funded project will construct bikes lanes, sidewalks, decorative lighting, and a new storm system from Robert Trent Jones Boulevard to Hillside Elementary School on the south side and from Bridgeport Drive to Hillside Elementary on the north side.

Utility relocation has been occurring since March of 2019 ahead of the main construction project.  Knife River Materials will begin construction on the main project July 15, 2019.  All right of way and environmental permits have been obtained for the improvements.  The E. Main Street/ Stevens Road hill (Hillside Elementary to Idlewood Drive) will be closed for the summer to expedite construction.

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Stevens Rd

Stevens Rd 2

Current Schedule

Now                            Road closed for gas line and power pole relocations.

July 4-7, 2019             Road temporarily opened for the holiday, then closed again on July 8th.

July 15, 2019               Begin full road construction for summer.

August 29, 2019         Road opened, one-way traffic control begins for project.

October 2019              Paving completion (estimated date).

Completion                 Date TBD

Public Outreach 
City staff have set up an email notification list. Questions about the project and/or to be placed on the notification list can be routed through Brigitte at City Hall, (541) 826-4212,

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Linn Road - OR 62 to Buchanan Project

Linn Road Updates:    Click here for latest updates

Linn Road Update 9/5/19

Linn Road Update 8/29/19

Linn Road Update 8/15/19

Linn Road Update 8/5/19

Linn Road Update 7/29/19

Linn Road Update 7/19/19

Linn Road Update 7/3/19

Linn Road Update 6/26/19

Linn Road Update 6/14/19

Linn Road Update 6/7/19

Linn Road Update 5/10/19

Linn Road Improvements
The Linn Road – OR 62 to Buchanan project is officially under construction!  Central Pipeline Inc. is the contractor for the improvements from the intersection of Loto Street/Linn Road/Buchanan Avenue to Highway 62.  The project includes the following improvements: 

·       Sidewalks from the Buchanan Avenue/Linn Road/Loto Street intersection to De Anjou Avenue

·        Bike Lanes 

·        Replacement of the Buchanan ditch culvert, widened to match the reconstructed  

·        Road reconstruction

·        Decorative Lighting (matching the downtown lights)

·        New landscaped planters 

·        Utility undergrounding (the Pacific Power transmission lines on the north side will remain)

The project was designed by Century West Engineering Corp. A public open house was conducted in December of 2017, click here for presentation, with several follow up meetings to present the City Council and the community on project details.  The bid opening was held August 21, 2018, and the construction contract awarded at the August 28,2018 City Council meeting.  

Project Completion
The contractor completed paving the end of June 2019. The road will be open for traffic for the 2019 4th of July celebration and through the weekend.

Project Schedule
Linn Road will be open the week of July 1, 2019, with no detours. Construction will continue on site Monday through Wednesday by Quality Fence, Overstreet Landscaping & Hydroseeding, Rogue Electric, Precision Concrete, and Central Pipeline. No work is scheduled over the July 4th weekend (July 4-7). 

Pacific Power is scheduled to complete the power switchover to residents on  the south side of Linn Road, Tuesday, July 2, 2019. Charter Communications is also scheduled to install services underground during this time. Century Link will be onsite to remove power poles once the Pacific Power and Charter Communications lines have been removed from each pole. Traffic delays are possible during utility undergrounding work.

After the 4th of July weekend construction will continue at a reduced pace, and include completion of the following:

  • Striping of the road.
  • Landscape planters.
  • Lighting.
  • Linn Road culvert headwalls and removal of the pipe bypass.
  • Drainage tie ins to existing inlets on De Anjou, Bosc, and Comice.
  • Homeowner improvements (fences, driveways, curbs, and gutter outside paving limits).

Throughout the month of July, the City will contact and meet on site with Linn Road residents to ensure improvements and clean up are completed. 

Detailed Project Plans
Please see the project plans, click here

Project Contacts
Robert Miller, PE                                                                        Jess Oswald 
Public Works Director/City Engineer                                                                                 503-804-2109
541 826-4212 ext. 105                                                                

Darren Kinyon                                                                            Greg Reince, PE 
City of Eagle Point Public Works Lead                                       Project Engineer                                                            541-322-8962 ext. 301
541-826-4212  Ext. 137                                                    
Cell: 541-621-8055

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