linn rd

Linn Road Improvements

Initial concepts for the Linn Road Improvements have been prepared by Century West Engineering Corp. and Galbraith & Associates.  The design team presented two options at the November 14, 2017, City Council meeting. Alternative 1 provides landscaped planter strips, while Alternative 2 provides the original planted median concept. The Council concurred with the team’s recommendation for Alternative 1.  Several gateway signs were also presented by Galbraith & Associates for the Linn Road entrance into Eagle Point off Highway 62.  Undergrounding of overhead utilities was also introduced.

The City of Eagle Point andCentury West Engineering will be holding an open house on December 12th at 5 pm at the Ashpole Community Center to give a preliminary look at the proposed Linn Road Improvement Project.  The intent of the meeting is to get public feedback on the design elements, show potential conflict regions, discuss construction timelines, and general ideas local residents can provide to make the project a success. Click here for details.