Little Butte Creek Monitoring Station

Water Quality

The Little Butte Creek Monitoring Station, located at the Harnish Park and Visitor's Center, continually monitors the water quality of the Little Butte Creek. This monitoring station is a partnership between Jackson County Watermaster's Office, the Medford Water Commission, the Bureau of Reclamation, and the city of eagle point. The monitoring station measures several water quality characteristics: temperature, turbidity, flow, gauge height, dissolved oxygen, PH, and conductance. The water quality is very important for fish habitat, but also for the very water we drink. The Duff Treatment Plant treats water from the Rogue River at the confluence of the Little Butte Creek and Rogue River to supply water to the Rogue Valley during the peak usage summer months.

Storm Monitoring

The Little Butte Creek Monitoring Station also provides important storm tracking during the winter months. While the gauge height is limited, it does allow the city and public to monitor the amount of flow, the relative stream height, and the peak of each storm event. The Bureau of Reclamation website is updated approximately every 15 min.