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  • 6:00 pm
  • As advertised
  • City Hall

Please note the Planning Commission does not necessarily meet every month.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings.

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About the Commission

The Eagle Point Planning Commission is a seven-member body appointed by the City Council. Members serve staggered four-year terms.

The Commission works on a wide array of current and future planning issues that impact Eagle Point. Their determinations relate to the use and development of land within the city, as well as looking at future land needs within the City's urban reserves. Where decisions are made on land use matters involving individual properties, the commission engages in a specific decision-making process to make effective, efficient, and appropriate land use determinations that achieve results consistent with the city's long-range plan and zoning ordinance. 

Land Use Decisions

The commission is entrusted with the role of making decisions concerning both visions of the future and the current impacts of daily development decisions. Land use issues are the most pressing part of the decision-making process for the commission. Land use planning relates to arriving at well thought-out decisions regarding how land is to be used whether it be for residential, commercial, industrial, park, open space, or other use. These places of activity need to be supported by municipal services and quite often have an impact on other properties. The land use action must avoid certain hazards and coordinate with adjacent land use needs. The commission's decisions are both legislative (interpreting and recommending rules) and quasi-judicial (judging and recommending for judgments on land use issues.


The commission recommends actions or changes to legislative land use matters such as subdivision zoning to the City Council. On quasi-judicial land use matters, the commission makes final decisions, except for subdivisions and annexations, which are reviewed and forwarded on to the City Council with commission recommendations.


In general, a Planning Commissioner must:

  • Communicate with staff, the public, and elected officials
  • Research issues
  • Educate the public and provide a public forum
  • Interpret and apply ordinances
  • Make decisions
  • Provide a long-range planning vision
  • Recommend policies
  • Reflect community values 

Current Planning Commission Members

Application for Planning Commission Position
Dianne Mihocko

Shane Myhre
Commission Member 
Millie Wewerka

Michael Wood
Commission Member
Scott Craun
Commission Member

Jay O'Neil
Commission Member
Dennis Godfrey
Commission Member