How to Check for a Leak

Check Meter

You can check your water meter by checking the meter box located at the street. If either of the dials are moving on the meter and you know you do not have any water being used in your home there is a very good chance you have a water leak. Only leaks on the customer's side of the meter will make the dials move. If the leak is on the customer's side of the meter it is the occupant's responsibility to repair the leak.

You Detected a Leak

In the event a water leak occurs, a customer may seek adjustment to the bill by filling out a leak adjustment form. It shall be the sole responsibility of the customer to provide verifiable proof of the leak. Only those claims that can be verified by city staff shall be reviewed for an adjustment. Excess water, due to a leak, shall be charged at the rate charged to the city by the Medford Water Commission. An additional administrative fee of 20% of the newly adjusted rate shall be charged to cover staff time for verification of leaks and time to research and adjust billings. The administrative charge shall be no more than $50 or less than $20. Adjustments shall not cover more than three consecutive monthly billings.