Check for a Leak 

To report a possible water leak Monday through Friday during normal working hours call (541)826-4212 ext. 137. Our Water Department will investigate and check for a leak. If the leak is on the City side of the water meter, the City will fix the leak at no charge. If it is determined the leak is on the customers side of the water meter, the property owner will be responsible for finding and correcting the water leak on their property.

Urgent Water Leaks

If the water leak is urgent and during normal working hours, please call (541)826-4212 to speak to the City Hall front desk. For after hours emergency water breaks call (541)776-7206 to report the water break to dispatch. Please provide the address or best location and the dispatcher will contact Public Works to investigate the leak after hours, during a weekend or holiday.

Water Quality Question or Concerns

To report a concern over water taste, smell, low water pressure, or any other water question or concern (other than a billing question) please call (541)826-4212 ext. 137.


Additional Information