Pavement Management Program

The City has seal coat, chip seal, and pavement projects planned for various streets throughout the City. 

Click on the link below for more information regarding the City of Eagle Point's Pavement Management Program.

Pavement Management Program

Street Maintenance

The Public Works Department provides street maintenance and operations for all city streets in Eagle Point, including street sweeping, pothole/street repair, street and traffic control signs, and maintaining all pavement markings.

Program Description

The general street maintenance program includes work either performed by Public Works crews, partnering with Jackson County, or contracting out.


This program has three major activities:

General Street Maintenance

  • Street sanding/snow removal
  • Leaf Pickup

Pavement Marking Maintenance

  • Installing & maintaining pavement markings
  • Installing and maintaining crosswalks and stop bars
  • Installing and maintaining curb markings
  • Maintaining pavement markings in city parking lots

Street Sign Maintenance

  • Replacing stop signs, and regulatory signs to current standards
  • Installing and maintaining traffic control signs
  • Installing and maintaining street signs