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For sewer billing, please see utility billing and if you need repairs or have questions regarding sewers visit Rogue Valley Sewer services.

In the summer of 1966, the Bear Creek Valley Sanitary Authority (BCVSA) was formed from Talent, White City, South Bear Creek Sanitary Districts, and much of the unincorporated areas. Within five years Phoenix, Medford and Central Point joined. In the mid-1990s Eagle Point contacted what is now Rogue Valley Sewer (RVS) to consider becoming part of the regional sewer system. In September 1998, 90 percent of the voters and 85 percent of the sewer district approved the annexation of Eagle Point.

Rogue Valley Sewer services has offered a regional approach to sewer treatment, allowing a modern up to date treatment plant to replace the older technology and failing systems each jurisdiction had prior to joining. The current treatment plant is located adjacent to the Rogue River on the old Camp White treatment site. This property provides expansion opportunities for Eagle Point and surrounding cities. 
Map of Rogue Valley Sewer - Eagle Point