Parks Master Plan

Eagle Point Master Park Plan 2005

The 2005 Eagle Point Parks Master Plan is an update of the 1998 Parks Master Plan. A Parks Master Plan is a long-term vision and plan of action for a community's park system. Park facilities, as key public facilities, help improve a community's quality of life and meet residents' demands for recreational experiences. However, providing adequate park facilities is often a challenge for many communities. Lack of resources - both staff and money - limits their ability to develop and maintain adequate park systems. Identifying system priorities and matching them with available resources requires careful planning.

The City of Eagle Point is growing rapidly and the community is concerned about maintaining its scenic qualities and expanding its outdoor recreation possibilities to meet community needs. The plan identifies strategies and techniques for operation and development of parks, land acquisition, and funding. Through this plan, the City of Eagle Point intends to continue improving the level and quality of its parks to meet the needs of current and future residents.

The plan guides future development and management efforts for the Eagle Point park system over the next 20 years. This plan:

1. Provides and inventory of existing parks and a n analysis of appropriate park classifications and standards;

2. Identifies current and future park needs using input from the community as well as technical data;

3. Identifies a level of service standard that is suitable for the needs of Eagle Point;

4. Provides a capital improvement program (CIP) that enables the City to achieve its goals;

5. Creates a strategy for short and long-term land acquisition; and

6. Identifies potential funding techniques and sources to implement the CIP.

The Executive Summary highlights existing facilities; key community needs; goals and actions; park improvements and acquisitions, and the funding strategies described in the Master Plan.

Download a copy of The City of Eagle Point, Oregon Parks Master Plan 2005