Planning Department

Department Responsibilities

The Eagle Point Planning Department is the oversight entity for all matters related to current and long range land use planning in the city. It is responsible for the administration of state, county, and local land use policies and regulations as they relate to the preservation and quality development of property lying within the city limits and urban growth boundary (UGB).

Current planning relates to the review of land use and development proposals for compliance with the Comprehensive Plan, and Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. The Department provides answers to all questions related to zoning, allowed uses on properties within the City, and processes all development applications. Staff conducts research and writes reports for land use hearings, and provides notification to the general public and adjoining property owners of such hearings. the Department supports the City Administrator, City Council, Planning Commission, Economic Development Commission, and Site Plan Committee. It also works directly with the other city departments, and interfaces with state and local agencies to ensure that land use issues are thoroughly reviewed before decisions are made.

Long-range planning is about guiding when and where the City will grow in the years ahead. This incudes periodically updating the various development codes and plans, ensuring the adequate public facilities will be available to serve new development, and making sure that the livability of Eagle Point is preserved for future generations. Jackson County and the City have a UGB agreement which guides land use collaboration on property within the County's jurisdiction that is available for future annexation by Eagle Point. In addition, statewide land use regulations that all cities must comply with are contained within the Oregon Revised Statues, Administrative Rules and Transportation Planning Rule. Finally, the Planning Department interacts closely with other agencies and groups to maintain Eagle Point's active participation in Southern Oregon's overall socioeconomic success.

Planning Documents

Below are links to the planning application and fees for various land use decision, along with planning-related maps, plans, regulations, informational documents, and internet resources:

Planning Application & Fee Schedule


Aerial View of the City
Comprehensive Plan Map
Zoning Map
Map of Subdivisions


Economic Development Strategy
Town Center Plan
Transportation System Plan
Jackson County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan - March 2018
Historic Property Survey 


Subdivision Regulations
Zoning Regulations 
Accessory Dwelling Unit Zoning Compliance Checklist

Informational Documents

Oregon's Statewide Planning Program
History of Oregon's Land Use Planning (key dates)
Land Use Planning in Oregon (historical overview)
Oregon's Statewide Planning Goals

Internet Resources