Business License Information

New Business
The City of Eagle Point requires any business located within the city limits or conducting business within the city limits to have a valid business license. This includes; builders, vendors, salespersons, those working door to door, and home occupations. A home occupation is when you are conducting business from your home. There is a separate form to be completed for home occupations. Please complete the business license application and return it to City Hall before conducting business within Eagle Point. It will take approximately two weeks to get a business license approval. The application goes to the City Administrator, Utility Acct and Building, Planning, Finance and Police Departments.


All business licenses expire June 30 of each year. The city operates on a fiscal year which is July 1 through June 30. Renewal notices are mailed by June 30 and each business has until July 31 to renew their license.

Fees are as follows:
  • Auction license $ 100 per day
  • Business license (annual license)
    • Inside city limits $50
    • Outside city limits $65
    • Seasonal merchant / door-to-door sales $150
    • Business license transfer $25
Business list:
  • Within the city limits $5
  • Outside the city $15

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding business licenses, please feel free to call the clerk for more information at (541) 826-4212 extension 100.

Chamber of Commerce

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