Little Butte Creek Water Quality

The impact of water quality is never more acute than during the summer months. Water flow is a major issue in the Little Butte System. Many thousands of acre feet of water per year are taken out of our streams and put into the Bear Creek Watershed for crop and farm irrigation. The result leaves landowners and important wild fisheries struggling for enough water to survive. The low flows heat the stream and creek water increases the impacts of bacteria growth.

The water of Little Butte Creek flows to the Rogue River where a mile from the mouth of the Creek the Medford Water Commission Robert Duff Water Treatment Plant withdraws our drinking water for the months of April –September.

What goes into Little Butte Creek from farm fields and urban storm drains is what we drink for half of the year!

Little Butte Watershed Council

Eagle Point has taken significant steps in focusing on Water Quality in Little Butte Creek. The City has been a member of the Little Butte Watershed Council since the early 1990’s when the Council was formed. The Watershed Council focuses on water quality issues in the 238,598 acre watershed that runs from Mount McLoughlin to the Rogue River. Eagle Point is the only city in the watershed.


Stronger efforts are now underway through a coalition of agencies to focus more attention, education and practical project solutions on Little Butte Creek Water Quality. The City, Watershed Council and other agencies including the Medford Water Commission, Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District, Eagle Point Irrigation District, Rogue River Keeper, Jackson County Water Master, United States Department of Agriculture National Resources Conservation Service, and Department of Environmental Quality. The Effort will focus on the goal to improve drinking water, fish habitat, farm practices and recreation opportunities on the Little Butte System.

Urban Stream Planting

The City of Eagle Point has teamed up with Little Butte Watershed Council, M&M Services, and Katalyst, Inc. for the Buchanan Urban Stream Planting event. The City has recently restored a portion of the Buchanan Drainage system, and needs your help to replant several plants. Saturday, December 10, 2011, from 9:00 am to noon at Dianne Way and Buchanan Avenue in Eagle Point. Bring your gloves and shovel, coffee will be provided. See flyer for more details - Buchanan Urban Stream Planting Event.