Stormwater Management


The City of Eagle Point's stormwater management program follows the six minimum control measures as outlined under the NPDES Phase II Program. While the City of Eagle Point does not meet the threshold for either population or density to be mandated as a Phase II, these measures are obtained through the Water Quality Implementation Plan for Eagle Point.

Storm Water for Residents

  • Prevent water other than clean water from entering storm drains or ditches.
  • Properly dispose of or recycle motor oil, antifreeze, paint, solvents and other materials
  • Keep leaves, grass clippings, animal waste, dirt and litter out of storm drains, ditches, creeks, ponds and wetlands.
  • Use non-toxic alternatives, reduce, or eliminate pesticide and herbicide use.
  • Plant ground cover and shrubs to protect bare soil and prevent erosion. Plant native species.

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