Storm Water Facilities

The city maintains all urban storm water lines, ditches, and other storm management facilities that help control and direct stormwater in the community. Eagle Point is segregated into seven different drainage basins that topographically drain water through the community. The majority of the water flow makes its way to Little Butte Creek, which bisects the city west to east. Stormwater problems have historically been the result of water flowing from the higher hills surrounding the community and from mountain areas to the north and the northeast of the community through Eagle Point.

High-Water Impact

The flows into Little Butte Creek and three separate irrigation drainage channels have impacted the community for decades during high-water events. New engineering projects that have been the result of new development have diverted, restricted, and channeled the water in a more effective manner than during predevelopment times, reducing the impacts of the high-water events. The Hannon Road Storm Drain and the Candis Diversion projects have rerouted some of the storm flows and reduced flooding potential for the city.

Stormwater Management

Eagle Point has completed the first year of its water quality implementation plan for Little Butte Creek. As part of the Rogue River Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), Eagle Point is committed to monitoring and implementing strategies for reducing temperature and bacteria counts in Little Butte Creek.